10 Dogs proving to have a good mood

10 Dogs proving to have a good mood

Pets always cheer mood up. However, there is a confusion about dog. People feel afraid of getting in touch with a dog but here are few moments, that can make our fear of dogs run away.

When playing hide n’ seek, nobody could find you but you catch them, it their turn again!

Dogs have friends too!

I brush my teeth daily!

Hey Hoo-man! Are you afraid of me?

When you know that they are lying and still have to pretend.

When mom says ‘you have a long tongue’.

When your crush says you look cute.


They thought I’ll never fall for her again.

Bonus: Let’s Play Hide n’ Seek. Can you find my eyes. Haha!

Animals are cuter than what we think of them. It is only how we keep them. Dogs have moods too like angry, happy, aggressive and joyful. It just depends on mood. Don’t just dislike it.


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