10 Pakistanis win Diana Award 2022

This year’s Diana Awards recipients, ten young Pakistanis, have brought honor to their country.

The Diana Award recognizes those aged nine to twenty-five who contribute in any way to the betterment of the community.

The prize was established in 1999 and named after the late Diana, Princess of Wales. It is one of the most distinguished humanitarian prizes a young person can get.

Alizey Khan, Arqam Al-Hadee, Iqra Bisma, Faryal Ashfaq, Muhammad Amir Khoso, Moazzam Shah Bukhari Syed, Moiz Lakhani, Aiza Abid, Ramna Saeed, and Sikander Khan are the ten Diana Award winners from Pakistan.

Islamabad-born Iqra Bisma, age 18, is the youngest recipient. She has been a mental health activist since she was eight, when she began volunteering. She created an organization for listeners called “TALK,” in which 50 volunteers are fully trained listeners.

Moazzam Shah Bukhari Syed, a 24-year-old from Hyderabad, earned the prize for promoting children’s access to sustainable education. He just opened seven schools in rural villages for more than 1,500 pupils.

“It’s an honor to carry this distinguished trophy in Princess Diana’s memory. I am confident that it will motivate me to achieve more. I am aware that many young individuals, like myself, might benefit from The Diana Award’s support, “Moazzam commented.

Ramna Saeed, age twenty, has worked against sexual harassment. According to the Diana Award Roll of Honor 2022 website, she developed a safe environment for women in her community to discuss the daily sexual harassment and bullying they endure.

Lahore native Faryal Ashfaq has fought against gender-based violence. She founded her own NGO, The Mirror, at seventeen.

Muhammad Amir Khoso, 22 years old, won the award for providing water amenities, food, and education in Pakistan’s disadvantaged regions. Khoso supplied 700 families with food during the COVID-19 outbreak.

The award was given to Alizey Khan, a 24-year-old from Lahore who focused on food insecurity. According to the Diana Award Roll of Honor 2022 website, she founded the “Ruhil foundation” in 2016 to combat food insecurity. As a result, she could provide 5,500 meal packages per month under its name.

Arqam Al-Hadeed, who is 21 years old and currently resides in Leeds, England, is a young leader. He is a youth leader with international recognition. He represented 180,000 Leeds children in the House of Commons.

Moiz Lakhani, a 20-year-old resident of Toronto, Canada, instructed and empowered women in self-defense skills. He obtained initial financing and mentoring for his non-profit organization idea, “Ninja Girls.”

Aiza Abid, age 23, has been a champion for children’s rights for her entire life. She founded “Aiza’s Teddybear Foundation” in 2013 to provide emotional and physical support to youngsters worldwide.

Sikandar (Sonny) Khan, also 23, currently resides in the United States. He got the honor of establishing the “Paani” organization, which constructs water wells in Pakistan. In addition to supplying clean water to afflicted parts of Pakistan, the recipient’s organization has contributed over $500,000 worth of medical supplies during the pandemic.