‘10,000 Pakistanis affected with dengue in the last two month

The number of people diagnosed with dengue in Pakistan has increased to 10,000, Minister of State for Health and advisor to PM  Zafar Mirza revealed.

“The government of Pakistan is trying its best to take measures to control the disease,” the minister said during a press conference in Islamabad.

Federal Minster said the statistics were obtained through screening tests conducted across the country. At least 2,363 people were diagnosed with the fever in Punjab, 2,258 in Sindh, 1,772 in Balochistan and 1,814 in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. At least 70% of the dengue cases in Punjab were reported from the Pothohar region, Mirza said

In Islamabad, a Dengue Control and Operation Centre has been formed, where officials and experts gather at 10am every day to analyse the growing number of dengue patients.

The Federal Ministry of Health has set up two 24-hour free hotlines for people all over Pakistan. An expert doctor will be available any times to answer queries.

The hotline numbers are 9212601 and 9216890.

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