‘1971’ released to commemorate UAE’s 50th National Day

'1971'-released-to-commemorate-UAE's-50th-National-Day #Baaghi

LAHORE: A documentary titled 1971 has been produced to mark the 50th National Day of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). 

This documentary is produced by the Emirates News Agency, WAM, and was released on November 29. The 13-minute documentary shows the efforts of the Union, founded by the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan.

The documentary, produced by Emirates News Agency WAM, captures the country’s development and achievements but also captures the vision of the future and its unique national vision of empowering the UAE.

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WAM Director-General Muhammad Jalal Al-Raisi congratulated the country’s leadership. Al-Raisi said that “1971” was the first documentary produced by the Emirates News Agency to highlight the union’s journey, which began 50 years ago in the desert and towards global leadership in various fields, moving forward with determination and ambition.

Al-Raisi explained that the film is presented in 8 languages, including French, Chinese, English, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Ukrainian, and Turkish. The film will be screened on the occasion of National Day from various national media outlets.

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He added that WAM, in partnership with several Arab and international media organizations, would present the documentary in China, Spain, Sweden, Egypt, Turkey, and South America. It will highlight the Emirati nation-building journey and the country’s journey of success over 50 years, both regionally and internationally.

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He said that the film highlights how important it was to advance the country’s efforts for achievements, Emirati personality traits, and prosperity. 2021 will be celebrated as the 50th golden anniversary of the country.

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