Lahore police retrieve house of citizen worth millions


Lahore: Lahore Police, in continuation of campaign against land grabbers, illegal occupants, gangs and goons have retrieved house of a citizen worth millions of rupees from the land grabbers. Police retrieved house worth millions of rupees of a citizen Waheed Akhtar from the illegal occupants and has registered an FIR against them in police station Shahdara. According to the details, some land grabbers in guise of tenants rented house of Waheed Akhtar few years back at Shahdara area, however occupied the property after some time. The occupied tenant harassed the actual owner of the house, refused to vacate his property and had not even paid the rent of the house for more than last five years. The culprits also tried to become the owner of the house by preparing fake ownership documents of the property. Waheed Akhtar had lodged a written complaint against the illegal occupants with the office of Capital City Police Chief few days back. Additional IG Fayyaz Ahmad Dev ordered SSP Discipline Ejaz Rasheed to take immediate legal action against the illegal occupants and ensure the retrieval of property as well as pending dues of rent to the actual owner. Accordingly, SSP Discipline Ejaz Rasheed initiated legal action and retrieved the occupied property from the possession of the illegal tenants within record time. Police handed over the possession to legal owner Waheed Akhtar and also managed to get all the pendingdues pertaining to the last five years rent from the accused party. The owner of the house Waheed Akhtar has lauded the continuous efforts of Capital City Police Chief Fayyaz Ahmad Dev and his team to make provincial capital free of Badmash Mafia and land grabbers. The citizen visited the office of the CCPO Lahore today and met with the SSP Discipline to express his gratitude over the prompt action and redress of his grievance whereas SSP Discipline Ejaz Rasheed handed him over the pending amount of dues in lieu of rent of his property. The CCPO Lahore Fayyaz Ahmad Dev has reiterated his commitment to make city free of Land Mafia and goons. He has warned such elements that there is no space for land grabbers and Badmash Mafia in the city and Lahore police will deal with iron hands to those who have illegally possessed the land and property of poor citizens. Anti Qabza Mafia Cell as well as a dedicated non- emergency Helpline 1242 established at CCPO Lahore office have been initiating all out efforts for redress of grievances of citizens affected from land grabbers and criminals.