26 Muslim candidates make their way to Indian Parliament in General Elections 2019

In the Indian Lok Sabha Elections , 26 Muslim candidates achieved success.

According to the reports of Baaghitv , in the Indian General Elections 2019 , as BJP won a landslide victory in the elections, and Narendra Modi will be throne to the office of Prime Minister once more , 26 Muslim candidates also succeeded in making their way to Indian Parliament. It was the 17th Lok Sabha elections , in the history of Indian Parliament and in this election Muslim candidates, prominent among them are Farooq Abdullah, who won seat from Kashmir and Asad-ud-din Awaisi, who won from Hyderabad.

In the previous elections ie, 16th Lok Sabha elections Muslim candidates won 23 seats. The elections of 1980 resulted in major victory for Muslim candidates as the number of candidates were 49 , who achieved success in those elections.

Among the Muslim candidates , who achieved success in 2019 elections , 6 are elected from UP , 6 are from West Bengal, 3 each from Kerala and J&K and one from Punjab.

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