26473 smoky vehicles fined


Lahore:  For the elimination of ongoing smog in city, Punjab Transport Company, Punjab Provisional Transport Authority and City Traffic Police have imposed fines of Rs. 12million on 26,473 smoke emitting vehicles and 4,415 heavy smoke emitting vehicles were impounded at various police stations and 6,732 small-scale smoke emitting vehicles were issued warnings on the spot.

According to the details, Punjab Transport Company issued 14,524 vehicles challan tickets with fines of Rs 34.34 lakh and 2793 vehicles were impounded at various police stations while warning 3431 vehicles, PPTA issued penalty tickets of 51.52 lakh to 6327 smoke emitting vehicles and warning was issued to 2819 vehicles and a joint team comprising officers from PTC, CTP and Environment Department fined 22.36 lakh rupees to 1794 vehicle drivers and closed 303 vehicles for three days in variant police stations. Moreover, the city traffic police-imposed fines of 11.19 lakh rupees on 3827 vehicles. Speaking on the occasion, Chief Executive Officer Punjab Transport Company Khawaja Sikandar Zeeshan said that it is impossible to establish a pollution free society without the cooperation of citizens. Citizens should also play a key role in making the city pollution free. The anti-smog campaign under the supervision of Deputy General Manager Enforcement Punjab Transport Company Faisal Yusuf will continue to be so tight anti-smog campaign till the end of smog. The Enforcement Wing officers of Punjab Transport Company are engaged in joint operations with other departments as a joint team to eliminate smog. CEO Khawaja Sikandar Zeeshan said Punjab Transport Company is also launching an action campaign against public transport running on roads without route permits and fitness certificates.