280 employees per ship in PIA, CEO PIA apologizes

ISLAMABAD: The Public Accounts Committee summoned the DG FIA as there was no progress on the audit papers sent to the FIA. It was stressed that cases should be registered within a week on the audit papers sent to NAB.

CEO PIA Arshad Malik said, PIA has 280 employees per plane and despite this deadly virus, 18 out of 23 aircrafts are operational. Request a report from the FIA ​​on the damage caused in 2016. The loss due to PIA Premier Service was 3 billion 19 crore 71 lakh 62 thousand in just 4 months.

The Public Accounts Committee (PAC) has summoned the DG FIA on the lack of progress on the audit legs sent to the FIA. Arshad Malik gave the good news to the committee that the proportion of employees per ship in PIA has been reduced to 280. Despite coronavirus, 18 out of 23 ships are still operational. He directed the FIA ​​to file a case within a week. The PIA had lost Rs 3.19 billion in four months.

The meeting of the Public Accounts Committee was held at Parliament House under the chairmanship of Chairman Rana Tanveer Hussain. The meeting was attended by Senator Sherry Rehman, Senator Mushahid Hussain Syed, Manza Hassan, Syed Hussain Tariq, Senator Talha Mahmood, Khawaja Shiraz Mahmood, Muhammad Ibrahim Khan, Khawaja Asif, and Riaz Fatyana while Naveed Qamar attended online.

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Secretary Aviation CEO, Arshad Malik and audit officials attended the committee. On the first day of the committee, the Auditor General of Pakistan Mohammad Ajmal Gondal was welcomed. Mohammad Ajmal Gondal said that hard work is required in audit reports and efforts would be made to further improve the system. NAB officials told the committee that the paragraphs of the committee’s audit report go directly to the NAB headquarters. From there, they order an inquiry.

NAB officials told the committee that the paragraphs of the committee’s audit report go directly to the NAB headquarters, from where they order an inquiry. First, they solve the cases in which their own employees are involved. Then they proceed to other cases.

307 paragraphs have currently been sent to NAB from PAC. Cases are made on the feet above 100 million. If PAC is sent, then even if it is less, they register the case. The NAB case is being investigated on 198 paragraph 54.

The investigation of 91 cases has been completed and they have gone to court. 13 references have been decided. The chairman of the committee said that we will send the paras to the NAB but the result is not coming. Why aren’t these legs being fixed?

He has been keeping people under arrest for years but no case has been registered against him. Talha Mahmood said that the investigation has been going on for two years and who will answer for the two years that have ruined his life.

NAB officials said that the reference against Khursheed Shah has been in the court for a year now. NAB said that Khursheed Shah’s bail has been rejected twice by the High Court. If the court wants to release him, it can do so. The case against him is severe due to which he is not being granted bail.

Naveed Qamar said that I was taken into custody by NAB and kept in jail for two and a half years and was released by the court. NAB gives punishment first and the crime is found later. If you give it, you will be blinded. If I don’t give it, you will be imprisoned for another year.

Manza Hassan said what evidence you have before arrest. NAB officials said that after arrest we take the accused to the court. The court looks at our evidence and then decides.

The chairman said that FBR cases worth Rs 1.8 trillion are on stay order but the lawyers are not right.

NAB officials said yesterday we won the case against the lawyer of Rs 24 crore in the Supreme Court. In 60% of the cases, the decision is in our favor. The chairman of the committee said that whatever case we send to NAB. This should be implemented soon. In case something happens, they send it to NAB. Making our feet the first priority. We send our feet to NAB. If they remain in NAB, then what is the use of it? We want these cases. I am recovering. You are putting our three year old case in cold storage. If there is a problem of capacity, then increase it.

PAC has recovered Rs 480 billion in three years. If you give me the powers available with NAB, I will recover Rs 2,000 billion in the morning.

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Officials said that 25 references have been filed and 3 are under trial. The 2019 cases are ready for reference. The chairman will soon file a reference with the approval of NAB.

The chairman of the committee said that the committee has sent the cases to NAB so far. The PIA was settled on the FIA ​​report on the loss of more than Rs 67 crore.

The CEO, Arshad Malik said that the agreement was signed to improve the kitchen service. We sit down with the audit authorities. They have settled three of the 2,000 cases. The FIA ​​said that in 2005 PIA was not providing kitchen service at the international level and after that it started providing service to international airlines so it should be settled.

Talha Mahmood said that it should be settled. Riaz Fatyana said that the PIA and steel mill has become a white elephant and it should be completely privatized.

PIA is violating ETA rules. I should go to the privilege committee against him. He confirmed the ticket by email and said that the plane was not leaving. Under the ETA rules, in this situation, the company concerned has to adjust its passengers to another airline, which was not done.

”I apologize but there are no rules that we will accommodate the passenger in another plane. The charter company did not fulfill the contract due to which the flight was canceled. We are in court against it,” the CEO said.

The premier service, which was launched in 2016 to make PIA profitable, cost PIA Rs 3.19 billion instead of profit, but audit officials said it was due to the cost of renting expensive aircraft. There was a loss and this matter is in the FIA. This service lasted only 4 months which caused such a huge loss to PIA.

FIA officials said they would file a case within a week and the matter would be referred to the law department. The committee was furious and said the matter has been with the FIA ​​since 2017. We have to tell you that the committee summoned the DG FIA to the next meeting and called for a report within a week as there was no progress, and a report sent to FIA.

In 2016, the PIA lost Rs. 990,020,000 due to the purchase of rented iPads at PIA, but the audit officials said that this paragraph is also with the FIA. That case should be filed as soon as possible. CEO PIA ‘’Arshad Malik’’ told the committee that we have to pay the arrears of FBR and PSO along with Civil Aviation.

We are operating a charter flight to Afghanistan. Despite Karuna, the PIA fleet has 18 ships operational while the number of ships is 23. We have reduced the number of employees per ship to 280. We have leased one new aircraft. 4 more ships will be added to PIA after approval from Direct flights to Skardu have started.

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