3 Etiquette Rules for dining out you have been ignoring your whole life

Your manners say everything about you

In our daily life, we observe people trying to act sophisticated however, hurting the common etiquette rules. Here are few rules discussed.

Putting Mobile on Table

While sitting on a table and somebody there to talk to you and meet you, don’t just put your mobile or laptop on table. It creates a sense of being ignored in the other person. Try to not annoy and just live the moment that is physically here; the virtual life can be enjoyed anytime.

Don’t Just Discuss the Calories

While placing order, don’t just start discussing the calories and fats. Try to be humble, select anything that you are sure of being low-calorie like any green salad or fruit salad. It looks too odd when one starts discussing the calories of a food. The other person feels insulted.

Tips and Service Charges

Do check for the service charges option in bill, if it is not there, must pay a good tip to the server. This is not right to have service of anyone and not respect or value that. Sometimes, it takes to serious debate whether to pay or not, avoid the debate and pay the server.

Sometimes, social norms don’t suit everyone, that’s why have to be changed.

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