45 members of Akshay Kumar’s team test positive for covid-19

Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar was diagnosed with corona yesterday and was shifted to hospital on April 5 for precautionary measures.

Akshay Kumar had said in his social media post yesterday that he had been diagnosed with corona and quarantined himself at home. The actor had said that he did not have many symptoms of corona and he had taken some medicines on the advice of health experts and at the same time he thanked the fans for their good wishes.

However, now, according to Indian media reports, 45 team members working with Akshay Kumar have also been diagnosed with Corona.

The actor said in his tweet today that as a precautionary measure, he has shifted himself to the hospital on the advice of doctors.

On the other hand, the Indian Express reported that after the diagnosis of corona in Akshay Kumar, the other 45 members of his team working with him have also been diagnosed with corona and are now in quarantine.


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