5 Things with different uses in daily routine

We never thought to use these things in different ways

In our daily life, we never bother to notice the use of different things and keep on suffering from ‘not getting along’ thing. However, people now are sharing innovative use of different products to use them according to our comfort level.

Here are few examples of such innovations.

Chinese Bowl into Plate

We can use the Chinese bowl as a plate also just by doing a simple changing in the structure; taking out the metal rods.

Slicing up Cheese

Use the vegetable peeler as cheese slicer.

I bought a block of cheese but had no cheese grater so I used a vegetable peeler from lifehack

Using Paper Clips to Organize Freezer

Use strong gripped paper clips to hang the freezing bags in freezer. It will vacant the space for other products.

View post on imgur.com


Next Level Use of Chopsticks

Sick of writing with messy hands after eating snacks? Try this trick.

This girl in my stats class is next level from lifehack

Use a Plastic Sheet to Save Yourself from Hairy Mess

Its very obvious to get gag-reflex with the hairy mess in the bathroom. Let’s take a second out and use this sheet trick to avoid such mess.

For those hairy situations… has anyone mentioned this? from lifehack


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