5 times Naimal Khawar proved of being ‘The Best Choice’ of Hamza Ali Abbasi

Naimal Khawar and Hamza tied knot simply on 25th August this year

Everybody was curious on on who will become Hamza Ali Abbasi’s wife and how will he marry the love of his life. No doubt, all expected his wedding to be big and political but he proved all these expectations wrong.

Hamza Abbasi’s wedding card when leaked, made him furious but still he kept to his planned way of marrying the sensation of today; Naimal Khawar Khan.

Naimal not only is beautiful with her natural skin tone, but also looked different because usually, girls like to get a huge album for photoshoot and bridal shoot, but they had very precise moments caught. They made it really simple and wearing her mother’s wedding dress, she looked absolutely stunning.

As Hamza is a handsome person with a very fair and attractive complexion, he deserved a similar partner and Naimal is right on point. Here are few reasons why Naimal is really the best choice of Hamza.

She is a Natural Beauty

She can Decide about her Life

She quit drama although would have been offered so many film and projects, but she clearly defined her direction: painting and art.

She has Elegance in every style

She is a Great Artist

She is a combo of Eastern and Western

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