500 million Facebook users mobile phone numbers leaked

WASHINGTON: The mobile phone numbers of 500 million Facebook users have been made available online, raising fears around the world. Facebook’s 500 million mobile phone numbers were posted online via a telegram bot which surprised everyone.

Regarding this data, Facebook said that this data is from before August 2019 and now more steps have been taken to secure the accounts.

“It’s disturbing that such a large database has been put up for sale in the cybercrime community,” said Alon Gal, a researcher who leaked the issue to TelegramBot sources.

He said that because of them, the privacy of consumers could be compromised while criminal elements could also carry out activities like fraud with their help.

He said the data provided by TelegramBot could be of 2019, but it not necessary that every one of us would have changed their number within a year, so the information that is up for sale could be correct and can be harmful.

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