70 Admitted To Hospital After Eating ‘Rasgullay’


India: In a suspected case of food poisoning, around 70 people, including several children, were hospitalised after eating at a wedding feast in a village in UP’s Kannauj, a senior official said today.

Sub-Divisional Magistrate Garima Singh said the patients ate at the function in Madharpur village on Tuesday evening.

Of the around 200 people who consumed the food, about 70 complained of vomiting and diarrhoea after eating ‘rasgulla’ (a milk-based sweet) served there, she added.

Arzoo (1), Yusuf (2), Shifa (4), Asra (5), Sazia (7), Irfan Khan (48), Sultan (52), and Riyazuddin (55) were admitted to the district hospital after their condition worsened, Mr Singh said.

Dr Shakti Basu, Chief Medical Superintendent of the district hospital, said the condition of all the patients in the district hospital is stable, adding that some were taken to private hospitals.

Munna, a resident of the village, said almost everyone who attended the feast had eaten the rasgulla, following which several fell ill.

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