70-Year-Old Woman Gives Birth to Her First Child

India: Call it an extremely rare incident or rather a miracle, a 70-year-old woman finally fulfilled her dream of motherhood, by giving birth to her first child, in Gujarat’s Kutch. The woman, identified as Jivunben Rabari, said she gave birth to a baby boy who was conceived through IVF. According to Rabari, she does not have an identity card to prove her age, but she confirmed that she is 70 years old, which would make her one of the oldest first mothers in the world.

At the age of 70, chances of getting pregnant are almost non-existent because of menopause. The majority of women over the age of 45 cannot conceive without the help of IVF.

According to Times of India, the couple has been married for 45 years. 70-year-old Rabari, and her husband Maldhari, 75, tried to have a baby for many years, but to no avail. However, they still didn’t lose all hope and resorted to IVF.

Dr Naresh Bhanushali said: “When they first came to us, we told them that they couldn’t have a child at such an old age, but they insisted. They said that many of their family members did it as well. This is one of the rarest cases I have ever seen!”.

Nevertheless, the process was challenging for the doctors owing to the age and other factors related to it.

“We first made her menstrual cycle regular by prescribing oral medicines. Then we widened her uterus which had shrunk owing to age. We fertilized her eggs and created blastocyst and transferred it to the uterus,” Dr Naresh Bhanushali said.

At eight months of pregnancy, the doctors performed a C-section and the woman delivered her first baby. The doctors said the baby is in good health.