73,000 bullets, 72 grenades stolen from Golan Heights army base

The Israel Defense Forces said it was probing a massive burglary from a military base in the Golan Heights after a preliminary investigation found that over 70,000 rounds of ammunition had been stolen from the site.

In a statement, the IDF confirmed the overnight theft at the Tznobar base near the Israeli town of Katzrin, saying the Military Police were probing the matter.

According to an initial probe of the burglary, 73,000 5.56-millimeter bullets, the kind used in the IDF’s most commonly deployed assault rifles, were missing, along with 72 grenades that are designed to be launched from an M-203 grenade launcher, mounted under the barrel of an assault rifle.

The Shin Bet security agency was also involved in the investigation, and several suspects from the Arab town of Tuba-Zangariyye were detained by police.

According to the probe, police had notified the military of a gang of thieves from Tuba-Zangariyye in the area on Friday night. It was not clear if the burglary had already occurred by the time the Tznobar base was aware of the thieves in the area.