9-year-old boy suffers heart attack 3 times

India: A nine-year-old boy from Gadwal was brought to a hospital here early on the morning of October 3.

Varun, having a history of irritability and breathing difficulty, suffered a cardiac arrest while entering the Medicover Hospital.

He was quickly revived with three cycles of CPR and adrenaline and was put on a ventilator.

Upon examination, he was found to have severe LV dysfunction (malfunctioning of left ventricle) due to myocarditis (inflammation of heart muscle).

He was immediately shifted to the paediatric ICU and kept on a ventilator and administered drugs. His condition continued to be challenging for the doctors, with 2 heart attacks in between.

He was managed with the support of intravenous antibodies following which, he showed signs of improved cardiac function and good recovery.

On the fifth day of admission, he was weaned off from the ventilator and discharged later in a stable condition.