A country of the uneducated politicalized

Pakistan is politicalized. That is an understatement. Everyone has become a political analyst or/and a lawyer. It’s irrelevant, whether or not they have the facts, the ‘facts’ in their head is the only reality they know. They analyze, in painful disregard of reality, the issues involved. Everything for them is a conspiracy. A grand elevated version of James Bond 007. The only thing missing is a bag of popcorn.

A friend told me upon the sad murder of Arshad Sharif that it was the work of some organization. When I commented that the two brothers must know what happened-he batted his eyes at me in utter confusion and asked, ‘which two brothers?’ He was so genuinely unaware! You get the picture?

Rupee remains stable vs US dollar

Pakistani officials are enroute to Moscow in light of a possible oil deal

Then we have the armchair lawyers. The brave men and women who feel that picking a phrase here, a stray out of context exchange there, certainly qualifies them to declare a perfect understanding of the law. A few cut-pastes help too.

The issue is bigger. We have been made into armchair experts of sorts to the exclusion of anything else. But there are innumerable issues that need attention and action. Economic weakness is a major issue. Actually, we are facing a catastrophe. How many are even aware of this impending disaster?

Women issues. We need better support for the 51% of our population. Education. Empowerment. Presence in public sectors. Work places need to be safe places for them.

Punjab may fall short of its wheat planting quota this year

Bilawal happy on allied parties’ performance to outperform PTI in AJK LB polls

Increased production. Increased exports. More job opportunities. Increased consumer buying power. These are needs of the day.

What happened to the flood affected? They are not even in the sub-text any more. They are done and dusted.

This country is not focusing on any of the above. Instead, we are watching  thrilling episodes of Imran Series where a new episode full of action is promised and excitedly awaited,  but disappointedly has the same ingredients as before. With an addition of an onion powder in one and soya sauce in another. Rest remains the same. Flavor obviously will hardly change!

This country needs ‘real leadership’ not the tried and tested power hungry, greedy lot. We on the other hand must ignore their antics and focus on issues that need focus. If the self-acclaimed leaders are mentally regressing, it does not mean we regress too. We have a choice. To build Pakistan. Or to turn it into a joke!

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The writer is a lawyer, academic and political analyst. She has authored a book titled ‘A Comparative Analysis of Media & Media Laws in Pakistan.’ She can be contacted at: yasmeenali62@gmail.com and tweets at @yasmeen_9

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