A Pound of Flesh!

I woke up this morning with a dreamy smile and a bright glow as my heart whispered, “Wake up Saman, it is another beautiful day in your beloved Pakistan, a bright, positive day of endless possibilities!”

The bright smile and positive glow evaporated in just a matter of seconds as soon as I pressed my TV remote and saw the news on every TV channel, headlines like Kashmir Issue, Kashmir burning, Kashmir unresolved!

My bright new day now turned in to a bleak, gloomy day of hopelessness, for since I was a little girl, I have been seeing the same gloomy news, deeply feeling the pain and suffering of my Kashmiri Muslim brothers and sisters, angry, confused and helpless as a little girl unsure of what I could do but not anymore. Today I am a strong and empowered woman of Pakistan, I can not sit and feel sorry anymore, it’s time we take action, no more same headlines, no more same stories, no more sane excuses over and over and over again.

My blood is boiling as a Muslim and Pakistani woman and it boggles my mind that how and why the so called peace makers of the world together could not resolve “Massla-E-Kashmir”. It makes me doubt their concerns and validity as the ambassadors of human rights, justice and peace.

Kashmir reminds me of “A pound of flesh” a story by the very renowned writer Shakespeare when the kniving Shylock created a public dispute and harassment and demanded a pound of flesh for a debt owed by Antonia.

It seems to me that Kashmir has become that “pound of flesh”, between two countries tug and pull, a war of ego’s and attitudes, good vs evil, pure truth vs blatant lies, fair play vs foul tactics and who is still suffering in all this? every day, every hour, every minute and every painful second, while the battle continues? The innocent Kashmiris.

Kashmir for me is the pound of flesh dripping with blood of thousands of innocent Muslims.
Hear me when I say it, for this is the voice of my heart and soul “Kashmir is not mere innocent people living on a piece of land. Kashmir is an independent nation of strong Muslim brothers and sister, freedom fighters with great resolve. A nation that sacrificed more over decades than any other nation in the world.

Wake up Pakistan!! The rising nation of Kashmir needs your support to a bright new day of independence with endless possibilities!

To ignore evil is to become accomplice to it.

Martin Luther King


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