A Short Personal Story on Failure!

At 18, I left to join the military hoping to escape a strict home environment, little did I know what I was getting into and also giving up on my dream of getting an MBA from a US university.

Sixteen years later with a wife and our first child in tow, got it from Boston U! Worked three part time jobs and a full course load. Graduated with a 3.42 GPA.

Wanted to be an entrepreneur, but ended up in Corporate life.

Left four years later and spent the next nine in heavenly entreprenurial bliss before my 1st bankruptcy.

Became an academic, teaching at a university for three years, then a corporate guy for another three, finally digging out of my financial hole.

Restarted entrepreneurship. Heavenly bliss for another seven years, till my second bankruptcy.

Becoming a serial bankruptreprenuer!

Became an Uber driver because didn’t want to work for others but re-entered corporate. Bad decision. Hated it and thankfully in two years made redundant, alongwith our entire department.

But loved the ego flattening, life changing experience at Uber.

Past five years dabbled in media, politics and political blogging. Got hammered but also enjoyed it while it lasted!

Now restarting my 3rd entrepreneurial journey at 63.

My learning!
  • Never Give In!
  • Keep learning!
  • Do what you love!
  • Make friends & nurture relationships!
  • Establish routines!
  • Most importantly, take Action!


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