A Social Media Outcry: Stand with Noor

Celebrities and civilians have come together to motivate people to stand with Noor Mukaddam’s family during the murder trial. 

Noor, a 27-year-old, was brutally beheaded by Zahir Jaffar, a mental health activist and son of a business tycoon, in the capital of Pakistan. Ever since then, the case has amassed great attention.

Zahir Jaffar’s confession has left the people calm and enraged – all at once. Calm, because now they claim it will be easier to give justice to the fallen soul. While they are enraged at how easy it has been for him throughout the court hearings and they are disgusted at his nonchalance towards the heinous crime.

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The murder trial is to begin soon; however, before that there is a silent protest arranged for people to Stand with Noor and in solidarity wit the Mukaddam family, on September 22. Noor’s friends have uploaded a public call to attend the procession with all the possible details and rules that must be followed, especially during these times.

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The official page put up a picture of a flyer with the caption:

“On the eve of Noor Mukaddam’s murder trial, please join her family & loved ones to renew your pledge for #JusticeForNoor. This peaceful gathering will serve as a reminder that the world will be watching her trial unfold. We hope that her murderer and his accomplices are brought to swift justice and are given exemplary punishment. Stand with us. #StandwithNoor” 

Social Media Outcry: Stand with Noor

The hashtags have been on the top 10 trending on Twitter, where many celebrities took to Twitter to urge their followers to be there for Noor’s family.

Many people also requested their social circles to be present for Shaukat Mukaddam during his trying times.

The picture on the flyer has been merged with one of Noor’s own mural art pieces.

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