A step into the future with Vakeel Online

The team behind Vakeel Online- a promising legal technology start-up and online community- hosted an event in Lahore last Saturday.

This served to recognize and honor the lawyers who had offered the most pro bono advice to members of the public.

The foremost topic discussed at this event was the oncoming technological revolution in the context of legal systems as visible in the fields of Artificial Intelligence and digitization. During its proceedings, the next generation lawyers of Pakistan discussed the challenges that they face when trying to build up capacity and strengthen their practice.


A step into the future with Vakeel Online

Isfundiar Kasuri, the founder of Vakeel Online, stated how technology is the single greatest way to free next-gen lawyers from the rigidity of the legal system of the country, to address the challenges identified by them, and adapt to the requirements of a rapidly changing legal landscape.

The lawyers attending the event were introduced to Pakistan’s first legal digital community platform, Vakeel Online, which aims to help them develop their careers at a rate exponentially faster than what the current status quo allows. Furthermore, Vakeel Online has the potential to revolutionize the way lawyers operate in Pakistan by using technology to connect those seeking justice to those best suited to provide it.

A step into the future with Vakeel Online

It is pertinent to note that Vakeel Online is a start-up that aims to raise legal awareness and to enhance the process of reaching out to lawyers, thus bridging gaps that in the past made the field inaccessible to women, minorities, and those lacking in connections.

The venture also aims to overcome the digital divide, which the legal field has lagged behind in for quite a long time. Vakeel Online hopes to digitize the field to help society as a whole and simultaneously uplift the young lawyers who are just starting out. All you have to do is to sign up at vakeelonline.pk to be a part of the platform.

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