A Tragic Return by Salman Afridi

In the history of our earth we could remember only a few people who come with some outstanding quality and a strong character. It is a reward by Almighty for their efforts they lay down for the betterment of masses and stay alive in the hearts of people. Such souls who are in the good books of people are loved by Almighty. Henceforth Allah put their love in the hearts of people.

Kindness , empathy and love for all is what makes us true human being and true muslim. One such soul that was dear to me and was a brother , a friend was Hafiz Ibtisam-ul- Hassan. He passed away last night after getting injured in a car accident. May his soul rest in peace. He was one of the progressive religious minds I have came across. His innovative approach towards educating masses reflects from the very courses he designed and conducted at different places. Taleem e Baalighaan (Educating the Elders) , Hifz ul Quran along with contemporary education and social media activism were a few aspects of his legendary life that I must mention. He was a talented and multitasking soul. Being a writer , a public speaker , a daaee of Islam , a columnist and a bloggger were few shades of his diverse personality.

A chapter of human service and a door of intellectual has been closed with his departure. But the garden of wisdom he grew will keep on bearing fruit and will serve mankind and be proved a source of permanent rewarding treasure for him.

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