A tribute to Mian Akbar’s scion

Imran Masood is the need of the country who has relentlessly given his prime youth, and all precious years to building a coherent system of education, and better learning for the youth.

You made your debut when you were only 25, represented your city, from fear to triumph, you went through the vicissitudes of life, a 4 time MP whose prowess and administrative skills knew no bounds. You pardoned the killers of your family unconditionally having no pecuniary interest of any kind thereof. Setting an example for the rest, a step which left many in wonderment. You never used this renewed friendship for any of your political gains.

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You always stood on high moral ground. You stood tall and walked straighter. From parliamentary secretary health to, chairman task force education, and to a well-known education minister, all this culminating now into VC-ship, speaks volumes of your capabilities. You remained a member of HEC, doing your best to abridge the gap between the Govt. and the private universities. You are an asset whose capabilities must be put to use. It’s over 10 years now that you spearheaded the University of South Asia as its vice-chancellor successively.

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You have brought the working of this institution to par excellence. All governments must seek your advice and make use of your age-old experience in this field of science and education to the benefit of the country. You have been part and parcel of bringing the dream of establishing one university in Gujrat to life. You have helped change the culture of Gujrat city. You gave 40 years of your life to this beautiful cause and are still determined to give even more. We salute your undying enthusiasm and exhilarating fervour. Your honesty and sincerity of purposeness have been the hallmark of your cosher ambition. You remained the beacon of light for the young and inspiration for many. We are proud of you. So keep up the amazing work. You traveled far and wide representing your country and department on several occasions. It is, however, unique and unparalleled. You have been a keynote speaker at many conferences abroad. All this must come to fruition now.

You lent credence to the very idea of camaraderie, trust, patriotism, and holding on to one’s principles, in an ailing society where cheating, defecting, and heckeling have become the order of the day.

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You are an asset, who can be depended upon blindly. You went on persistently to render invaluable contributions with solid conviction, and never changed horses in the midstream. You took the blows but stood tall. Did it your way. Your past speaks for your promising tomorrow. Yours is a case study for new and upcoming politicians. You went on to serve your party and people without any perk or privilege. The political landscape requires such selfless people. You may not want it though. Gujrat is proud to have such a son of the soil.

You are very well respected in your city, in groups that you interact with. Freedom of speech is a bedrock of any functional democracy. You remained loyal to your party. The party which weathered a storm lately. You clung on hard despite the most turbulent times. You ought to be seen as most loyal beyond the shadow of any doubt. The Akbar family and the younger lot are ready to be a part of your new dream and vision. Unlike most of your contemporaries, you gave away the family silver, to serve the city that you belonged to, for which you never had any remorse or bore ill will. Long live the Mian Akbar family and its descendants. Kadam baraho Imran Masood hum tumahare saath hain.

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