A World Without Waste is Just Around the Corner- We Can Make it Happen!


Can you imagine a world without plastic waste? As unimaginable as it may seem, there are thousands of people fighting day-in and day-out to ensure just that, including climate change activists and environmentalists at the fore. 

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One such organization striving towards a world without plastic waste in Pakistan, is the internationally recognized World Wild Fund for Nature (WWF). The WWF is a non-governmental organization founded in the 1960’s with the aim of “wilderness preservation and the reduction of human impact on the environment”. Recently, a group of young and aspiring environmental activists in Pakistan, participated in the WWF internship where they focused on raising their voice in favour of, “A World Without Waste”.

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Speaking to Baaghi TV’s correspondent, they mentioned that this cause is close to their heart. They added that “They wanted to reach more people with their campaign and since they couldn’t go door-to-door because of COVID-19, they held an online discussion on Zoom”. They further expressed that in the digital age it is easier to forward one’s message through social media and they hope that their efforts can resonate with others so we can all collectively work towards a green-society, which is more inclusive for all living beings. 

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During an hour long session on Zoom, the aspiring environmentalists namely: Fatima Javed, Rabia Riaz, Riffa Ansari, Summaya Lucman, Zainab Haseeb started by introducing themselves, WWF as an organization and the nature of their internship in the Pakistan chapter of the internal organization. They talked about the projects that they had planned and the kind of impact they thought was possible through these efforts.

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Since the meeting agenda included plastic waste, they also talked about AMAL for life’s collaboration with the coca cola foundation to create a world without waste and how they had been lucky enough to be a part of the collaborative effort, as WWF internees.

Among other things, their Zoom session addressed the following agendas:

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  • the 3Rs: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle
  • plastic pollution & its effect on marine animals
  • how long do different plastic items stay in the environment?
  • ways to recycle plastic and how only a fraction of plastic is actually recycled because it is not economically efficient to do that
  • Single-use plastics and how to stop using them
  • Alternatives to plastic materials
  • How can we incorporate these changes into our lives?
  • How to harbour green thinking

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The Zoom session concluded on a positive note with the young activists stating, “We literally create plastic ourselves, and we are responsible for the plastic problem, and we are the only ones who can solve it. We’ll take baby steps, but it’s possible. We’ve seen this in case of the Pakistani government’s plastic bags ban- together it’s possible.”

[bs-quote quote=”We literally create plastic ourselves, and we are responsible for the plastic problem, and we are the only ones who can solve it.” style=”style-17″ align=”center” color=”#dd0000″ author_name=”Activists & Interns” author_job=”WWF Pakistan”][/bs-quote]

During the Q&A the presenters were open to questions and well-prepared. They discussed cloth alternatives to diapers, the possibility of bamboo toothbrushes, and how restaurants can reduce the utility of plastic straws and packaging. Pakistani clothing brand Sapphire’s biodegradable seed bags were also mentioned.

The panel of students also addressed other issues such as food wastage, including potential solutions which led to their audience pledging to do their part for the community and environment.

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