Abhinandan seems to have another cup of tea: Mubasher Lucman’s message to PM Modi

Lahore: Senior anchor person and analyst Mubasher Lucman addressed the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in a sarcastic manner, saying that if Mr. Prime Minister Modi wants another cup of Wing Commander (retd.) Abhinandan tea right now then please send him from Wagha.

According to details, Mubasher Lucman said in a Twitter message that Mr PM Modi, if the retired wing commander still wants another cup of Abhinandan tea then please send him from Wagha, there is no need to target innocent Kashmiris. It should be clear that the situation in Kashmir has been bad for the past few days and there is an emergency situation in the region. In this regard, Mubasher Lucman has sent an important message in the name of Narendra Modi.

It should be remembered that earlier in February, India had violated the border and made unsuccessful attempts to take refuge from Pakistan, but had suffered backlash where the Indian Air Force plane was hit by Pakistan Air Force and  Pakistan Army arrested Wing Commander (retd.) Abhinandan.

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