AC accepts Shahbaz Sharif plea

Accountability Court (AC) has accepted Shahbaz Sharif plea for one day exemption from attendance in the court in Ramzan Sugar Mills reference.
Ramzan Sugar Mills reference came up for hearing before AC Saturday.

Hamza Shahbaz appeared in the court while Shahbaz Sharif could not attend being abroad.

Counsel for Shahbaz Sharif filed plea for exemption from attendance in the court taking the plea that facility of test in respect of Shahbaz Sharif is not available in Pakistan, therefore, he is staying outside the country. Test of Shahbaz Sharif will take place on June 7 and he will return to country after report of test is received.

NAB prosecutor Waris Ali Janjua took the plea that Shahbaz Sharif had gone abroad without the permission of court. Application for exemption is given by the accused again and again. On the other hand all other accused and witnesses in respect of Ashiana Iqbal Scandal are present in the court in every hearing. The trial of the case stands stalled for filing of exemptions pleas by the accused repeatedly.

The court while accepting exemption plea of Shahbaz Sharif for one day adjourned the hearing of the case till May 28.

The court directed counsel for Shahbaz Sharif to ascertain from Shahbaz Sharif on what final date he will appear before the court.

The court adjourned the hearing of the case till May 28.

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