Actress Meera demands protocol from US doctors, ends up in Mental Asylum



According to sources, Actress Meera went to America where she is again facing trouble. She was declared insane for insulting an American doctor and asking for protocol.

After getting vaccination, Actress Meera was suffering from fever. She went to the doctor for a routine check-up again and started talking nonsense.

Actress Meera told the doctor that she every Prime Minister of Pakistan giver her protocol and so should the US doctors.

It is also learned that when the doctor heard the words of actress Meera, he was also surprised. Actress Meera was constantly asking him to give her protocol that she gets in Pakistan.

Doctor told her to take care of herself. This is the United States, not Pakistan. The actress, Meera, tried to intimidate the doctor by talking in wrong English.

She kept saying that don’t you know who I am, do my check up as VIP and give me protocol.

When the Pakistani actress became rude and got out of control, the doctor made it clear to her that she would be a showbiz star in pakistan, but they deal with patients according to the rules. However, when the actress continued to talk nonsense, the doctor called the psychiatric center and shifted her to the hospital.

There are reports that the actress Meera has been declared insane by the doctors. She has been in the medical center for the last two days.

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