Actress Meera has imposed strong allegations against PM Imran Khan



NEW YORK: Actress Meera has imposed strong allegations against PM Imran Khan. She stated that he  offered her a seat in the Senate. 

According to sources, a strange situation arose today in US when Meera G went to the American doctor for her check-up. She ended up disclosing alot of unusual imformation which surprised the doctor.

According to sources, while the doctor was providing health facility to Meera, she got angry. The actress started talking and told the doctor that back in pakistan, PTI had offered her a seat in the Senate. The actress also explained that she is very popular actress in Pakistan.

According to the doctor, Actress Meera did not clarify whether the PTI ticket was offered by Prime Minister Imran Khan or not but American doctor could only understand Imran Khan’s name in whatever she was saying.

Sources claim that the doctor was surprised that she is accusing a person like Imran Khan and he got angry with her.

The doctor further said that the actress came to me again and started telling more stories and said that she gets protocol in Pakistan so she should also get protocol in US and she should be treated as a VIP.

After having a strange conversation with actress Meera, the doctor informed the mental health people and asked them to take her away.

Considering all the circumstances, actress Meera admitted her mistake. However, the doctor has admitted Meera to the mental hospital since 2 days.

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