Adjournment motion against crores of rupees irregularities in Said Mitha Hospital submitted

Mover is PML-N member Aniza Fatima


LAHORE: An adjournment motion has been filed against crores of rupees corruption in the Govt Said Mitha Hospital, Lahore, inflicting huge losses to the national exchequer.
The adjournment motion was filed by PML-N member Aniza Fatima.
The hospital administration has purchased unnecessary and fancy medicines instead of medication, and also pay more than Rs10 million to their favourite companies.
Sugar’s medicine “Setsha Gulpinton” was purchased by Rs 60 per tablet.
One lakh tablets for Rs 60 lakh have been purchased while each tablet which can be purchased for only Rs 4 to Rs 6 have been purchased for Rs 60 each, inflicting huge
losses to the tune of Rs 54 lakh.
Furthermore, the management bought a bottle of hand foam sanitizer for Rs 1950 each which is available for Rs 950 only in the market.
The purchase of 400 bottles of sanitizer for Rs 39 lakh caused a loss of over Rs 45 lakh to the national exchequer.
For the first time in the history of the country, the government hospital bought “wipes” worth crores of rupees and purchased CBC equipment worth Rs 14
million from Fatima Traders which will not end in the next six years.
Reagent of CBC machine S. Ijaz-ud-Din Company was paying Rs 30,000 per set but was bought for Rs 1 lakh per
The CBC control used to be bought for Rs. 3200 but now it is purchased for Rs. 40,000.
On December 6, 2021, while paying a hefty sum of over Rs4 million for 1 lakh “Rasika Dotral” 10 mg sachets were purchased.