Administration of COVID-19 Vaccine leaves India in a bind?

Baaghi TV report: Vaccination of corona without revealing experimental data, leaves India in a bind.

India has launched the world’s largest vaccine campaign against the corona virus, with one vaccine recipient severely affected and 51 others with minor medical complications.

According to NDTV, New Delhi Health Minister Satyendar Jain has confirmed the medical complications caused by the corona virus vaccine.

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According to foreign media, the corona vaccine developed in India has caused a complex reaction in the public. These include problems such as inflammation of the face, rapid heartbeat, redness of the skin and drowsiness.

Under new guidelines issued by the Indian government, people with weakened immune systems, blood diseases, fever or allergies are advised to consult a doctor before being vaccinated against corona.

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In India, 200,000 frontline healthcare and sanitary workers were given the first dose of the vaccine.

Meanwhile, on Saturday, 3,352 centers have been set up across the country, where about 200,000 people have so far been given the first dose of the vaccine.

Manohar Agnani, Additional Secretary, Union Ministry of Health, said during a press briefing that the Covid 19 vaccination campaign was successfully launched on the first day.

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  1. samir sardana says

    Y the VAX is doomed ? That should NOT even be a question !

    1st – Only 200000 are being vaxed in a day ! At this rate,it will take 20 years to vax 100%
    2nd – In a a few days,people who were vaxed will start dying, and then the number of daily vaxes, will go down – which is pure disaster
    3rd – Most Important is not that antibodies are created or not.The key issue is ,will the Vax, prevent transmission, to those Not Vaxed
    4th – A person who naturally has created,or can create antibodies,will get NO Marginal gains from the VAX
    5th – Soon the mutated strains will hit India – and that will make the entire VAX supply chain a DUD (as the VAX is useless on the mutated strains)
    6th – Those who took the 1st shot, MAY NOT take the 2nd shot, and that will make the VAX useless
    7th – The Mutated virus in Mexico,Brazil and UK /EU has found new ways to enter and attack the organs.Which is Y the VAX roll out there, is measured and cautious.In other words, the attack protocol of the mutated virus (in terms of its attack methodology on healthy cells) has CHANGED.No one knows what mutations,the Indian VAX will bring
    8th – Whatever Chaiwala touches is doomed – and so will the VAX be doomed
    9th – Issue is NOT many Indians will die in 3 months – it is how many Indians will become Zombies – 3-5 years down the road
    10th – To VAX 300 million will take 5 years, at todays strike rate – which is doom by itself.If 300 million are not vaxed in 9 months – THE VAX will fail in any case
    11th – The VAX should 1st target the high density population areas like Delhi,Mumbai etc – but the Indian VAX numbers on a per capita basis (to local population) IS NOT COMING from the HIGH DENSITY AREAS. Chaiwala is using Snall Town Indians as GUINEA PIGS in the 1st place !

    The most crowd contact, is of Politicians and RSS social workers (who are like John the Baptist).WHY NOT VAX THESE PEOPLE IN THE 1ST PHASE – AND THEN EXPORT TO BRAZIL ?

    Indians have to do back to basics ! dindooohindoo

    Cow Dung,Cock Dung, Bird Dung . Goat Dung ,Cow Piss, Goat Piss Elephant Piss

    Elephant Urine

    Elephant urine “gajamutra” is used as an alkaline decoction preparation for a supposed cure to malignant sores. [ Ci.9.16 ] [ Ray 131 ]

    Goat Dung and Urine

    Goat droppings “ajashakrt” are prescribed as an accessory to surgical cauterization and is used for cauterizing diseased skin. In powdered form after drying and compounding with honey and cow’s urine it is used as a linctus for jaundice. [ Su 12.3 ] [ Utt.44.19 ] [Ray 130 ] Goat urine “ajamutra” is an ingredient for a paste that restores the natural colour to a cicatrix. [ Ci.I.86 ] [ Ray 130 ]

    Cock Dung and other Birds’ Droppings

    The dung of a specially fed cock “kukkutapurisha” is prescribed as an ingredient for a plaster used to cure malignant skin diseases [ Ci.9.15 ] [ Ray 132 ]

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