Aedes Aegypti: Dengue Fever, a Lethal Issue

Dengue fever is a killer disease that has killed many people in Pakistan. The first reported case of dengue fever in Pakistan was detected in 1994 and the first outbreak of this disease was confirmed in Pakistan in 2006.

The tally of dengue cases in 2020 are more than 3,442 and 24,547 cases in 2019 and 3200 dengue cases were reported in 2018. Dengue fever is caused by the female Aedes aegypti (yellow fever) mosquitoes, which mostly bite early morning and late afternoon. Dengue fever is also known as break-bone fever, there are two types of this disease, classical and hemorrhagic. It is commonly found in cities and urban areas, the dengue disease outbreaks through a mosquito to human. It is a cycle of transmission from human to human.

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The common symptoms of this lethal disease are stomach pain, joint pain, vomiting, fever, headache, and rashes on the skin. Dengue disease targets the liver, lungs, and heart. It may lead to shock organ failure and death.

There is no age limitation for dengue infection, it basically causes fever, body weakness and can take 1-4 weeks to recover properly, but there are also numerous people who cannot manage to recover and resultantly lose their lives. The causes of this fatal disease are dirty and unfresh water, and dirt. This means, that when we fill water coolers, we must change the water daily and ought to fill freshwater because commonly mosquitoes lay their eggs in water, which infect us by dengue fever. The other important thing which we should do to protect ourselves from dengue infection is keeping our surroundings neat and clean. Because, if we make our surroundings like home, schools and streets clean, not only we can be safe from the dengue, but also we can save ourselves from other dangerous diseases as well.

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Moreover, to protect our lives from this infected disease, we ought to wear those clothes which can cover our body properly. We must also close doors and windows and should use insects spray, mosquito coil, and the mosquitoes net surrounding our bed or cot. Furthermore, to confirm the test of this disease, we must get a test of our blood and ought to take suggestions from the expert doctors.

But unfortunately, if we are injected with the dengue, then we should follow the following recovery protocol to recover, such: we ought to eat papaya or take papaya leaf juice, vegetable juice, cow’s milk, and coconut water because these are known to be a natural cure. This can help us to recover properly. Besides these, we should also take the medicines according to the doctor’s advice. Dengue is a lethal issue; hence we should not avoid it and must take serious steps against this fatal disease.

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This write-up has been contributed by Kausar Kamran Malghani.

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