Afghan business-woman says not to accept Taliban repression again.

Afghan business-woman refuses to go back to time period to accept the Taliban repression and to reverses the progress made in last 18 years.

According to reports of Baaghitv, Entrepreneur Narges Aziz Shahi, 29, runs a coffee shop in Kabul in her conversation with reporters refuse to accept the time period when Taliban were ruling the country and women were restricted at home.

As the Taliban and US administration are coming close to a deal, women in Afghanistan are unsure about their future. There is uncertainty whether the women will be allowed to continue their activities as usual and will be allowed to run their business as going on at present or not.

Taliban claims to have shy away from their hard-line stance as they say women are allowed in Islam to have rights such as business and ownership, inheritance, education, work, the choice of a husband, security and well-being but the women are not sure whether they will be able to come true to their words.

Afghan business-women have covered a long journey in the past 18 years which can’t be rolled back, says Afghanistan business women.

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