Afghan expert sees foreign hand in Hong Kong’s recent violent protests

KABUL, Aug 21 (XINHUA/APP):An Afghan political analyst has seen foreign meddling in the recent violent protests in Hong Kong as a “covert attempt” to destabilize China.

“No doubt, the hegemonic powers are behind the violent protests in Hong Kong to undermine investment in the financial hub,” Khan Mohammad Daneshjo told Xinhua on Tuesday.

Daneshjo also said certain countries, who are afraid of the rapid economic development of China, would spare no efforts to undermine China’s development.

Slamming foreign intervention into the Hong Kong affairs as a breach of international law, the analyst said damaging Hong Kong’s security may result in a flight of investment.

“Hong Kong as a financial hub of the region … and is the home of thousands of investors from across the world and if its security is damaged, the investors may shift their capital from Hong Kong to other parts of the world,” the analyst said.

The analyst said China’s central government has remained committed to the “one country, two systems” principle, and it has showed respect to human rights, democracy and the special status given to the region.

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