Afghan girls’ school ban un-Islamic: PM Imran Khan

Sept 22, 2021: Prime Minister Imran Khan has suggested that women can claim their rights in Afghanistan, adding that barring Afghan women from access to education would be un-Islamic.

In an interview with the BBC, PM Imran Khan outlined the conditions that would be necessary to formally recognize Afghanistan’s new Taliban government. He urged the new Afghan leadership to be comprehensive and respect human rights.

Khan also said that Afghanistan should not be used for terrorists who could pose a threat to Pakistan’s security. The Pakistani PM  l said he was confident that Afghan girls would be able to enter schools soon.

“The statements he has made since coming to power are very encouraging,” he told the BBC’s John Simpson. “I think they will allow women to go to school,” he said. “The idea that women should not be educated is simply not Islamic. It has nothing to do with religion.”

When pressured into declaring whether the Taliban would meet the formal recognition criteria, PM Imran Khan repeatedly called on the international community to give the group more time.

He said it was too early to say anything, adding that he expected Afghan women to finally claim their rights. The prime minister said Pakistan would decide whether to formally recognize the Taliban government along with other neighboring states.

“All the neighbors will come together and see how they develop,” he said. “Whether or not to recognize them will be a collective decision.”

He called on the Taliban to form a comprehensive government, warning that failure to do so could lead the country to civil war.

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