Afghanistan Denies ‘Drone Attack’ in Kabul

Afghanistan: The Interior Ministry denies allegations of a drone attack in Kabul.

Abdul Nafi Takoor, a spokesman of the Interior Ministry, said that a rocket hit an empty residence in the Sherpor area of Kabul city, adding there were “no casualties.”

“A rocket hit a house in the Sherpor area of Kabul this morning at around 6:00am in PD10 of Kabul. The house was empty, thus the rocket did not result in any casualties,” he said.

But Rahmatullah Nabil, former head of the National Directorate of Security (NDS), said on his Twitter page a US drone attacked an ISIS shelter in Kabul on Sunday morning.

“According to a Doha Agreement article, the US supports the Taliban in their fight against ISIS-K. Sources said that American drones were seen in Kabul’s airspace and targeted several areas of the city. They probably targeted the ISIS safe houses,” he tweeted.

Kabul residents said they heard multiple blasts in Kabul city.

“In the morning, I wanted to go to university, I heard two explosions one after the other,” said Ahmad Milad, a resident of Kabul told TOLOnews.

“I heard the sound of the blast in the morning, and I was very disappointed. I ask the Islamic Emirate to bring peace and tranquility to our people,” Raz Mohammad, another resident of Kabul told TOLOnews.

Meanwhile, some journalists criticized security institutions and said that journalists are not allowed to cover security events.

“Unfortunately, when an incident occurs, the security forces of the Islamic Emirate do not allow journalists to enter the scene of the incident,” said Mustafa Shahryar, a journalist.

This comes as on Friday a blast targeted the Kabul International Cricket Stadium amid an ongoing national tournament of Shapagiza. Security officials confirmed two deaths and twelve injuries from that incident.