Afghanistan deprived of education under Taliban rule

Where once the United States (US) waged a war against the Taliban in Afghanistan using Osama Bin Laden as a pretext, then the Taliban fought back, and eventually, the two came to an agreement after which the US and other foreign forces withdrew their troops from the land. 

Despite having stayed in Afghanistan, the US did not manage to start an institute that could be worth remembering. On the one hand, the Taliban took over the government as a ‘power-hungry’ unit, on the other, the ‘self-indulgent’ US left the country in ruins, having fulfilled its own interests. 

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But after the departure of foreign forces, the Taliban also adopted a similar attitude and issued orders first prohibiting girls and women from acquiring education and then from pursuing careers, which is mere ignorance on their part – as Allah Almighty revealed his Surah through Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.) in which the word ‘Iqra’ (read) was most prominent. Therefore, if education was prohibited in Islam, it would not have happened, but giving way to their ignorance, the Taliban banned women from getting an education. 

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Not only this, but the Taliban also issued instructions to Afghan women that they must be accompanied by a man when going out to the market or home. After this, they even punished women publicly for not following such an ignorant law, in recent days. According to the Afghan media, the Taliban were seen torturing women in an area of Afghanistan for the crime of not being accompanied by their male relatives when they went to the market.

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Additionally, a journalist was tortured because he had covered the women’s protest. During this the Taliban protested against women but, on the other hand, while these are all atrocities, there were also some good decisions in which some people were publicly hanged as they were found guilty of raping young girls.

Therefore, in Afghanistan, where a few percent of these good deeds were done, on the other hand, there are extreme atrocities in which the right to education was taken away from women and they were subjected to torture for not obeying cruel laws.

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