After effective lockdown measures, Punjab sees improvement in positivity ratio

Lahore, 5th April: After stringent lockdown measures in Lahore, the positivity ratio of the coronavirus has started decreasing.

According to Baaghi TV’s report, Punjab Health Minister Dr Yasmin Rashid says that after adopting safety precautions in Punjab, the number of coronavirus cases has started to decline.

She informed, “The full impact of the lockdown and restrictions will become clear in the next two days, ” adding that an improvement has already been observed since effective lockdown was imposed.

The minister urged the public to continue following the coronavirus SOPs even as the infection rate declines.

Supporting PM Khan, Dr Rashid said, “The PM is right in that if we impose another complete lockdown, our economy will come to a halt and there will be even more loss.”

The minister informed that people should immediately call rEscue 112 if they want to admit a coronavirus patient as the service now has up-to-date data on the situation in the hospitals.

According to the latest reports, on Monday coronavirus positivity ratio in Punjab was recorded at 12.6%, where 17,994 tests were conducted, of which 2,275 turned positive.

In Lahore, the number of positive patients on Monday was 1,362, after which the positivity ratio came to 20.92%.

People should wear face masks, wash hands and follow all the coronavirus SOPs in order to battle the pandemic and keep the country’s economy working efficiently.

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