After Oath on Bible, Biden Swears Oath of Allegiance to Religion

20th January 2021, WASHINGTON (Reuters): President-elect Joe Biden has vowed to uphold his religion after taking an oath of allegiance to the Bible, according to reports. The Constitution and the values ​​of the American people will be upheld.

The new President of the United States, Joe Biden, has said after taking oath of office that it has “democracy has won”. Biden added that “This day is for the Americans. This is the day of democracy. This historic day has brought hope.”

“The United States has had its share of challenges, but its citizens have met that challenge. Today, we are celebrating the victory of democracy, not the victory of a single candidate. “

“We learned again that democracy is important. There are weaknesses … But we are united as one nation. We have ensured a peaceful transfer of power, as we have for the past two decades. We will overcome every obstacle,” said Biden, the new president of the United States, at the inauguration.

He says his job is to save America’s future. “It will take action, not just words,” he said. “In a democracy, unity is the most important thing. The elements that want to divide us are powerful, but they are not new.”

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