Aftershocks continue in quake-hit Mirpur, adjacent areas

MIRPUR (AJK) Sep 27 (APP):Since the day, deadly earthquake has stricken Mirpur city and its adjoining areas, aftershocks of mild intensity are being experienced intermittently.

A total of 40 casualties and at least 665 injured have been confirmed by authorities concerned in two major phases of the earthquake in Mirpur and adjoining Bhimbher districts.

The severe aftershock on Thursday (Sept 26) had left at least 86 people injured. On Friday (Sept 27) Mirpur city was shaken twice by the aftershocks of the tremors of extremely low intensity that lasted for few seconds each.

The frequent and intermittent aftershocks have spread more panic in the area. People are preferring to stay open to sky at middle and sides of the major city streets to avert threat to their lives following the repeated experiencing of the tremors of the catastrophe time and again.

Control Room at Local Deputy Commissioner Office Friday confirmed the death of one Raja Mushtaq Ahmed son of Sien Khan, resident of most quake-hit Pindi Sabberwal area of Tehsil Mirpur, hardly 20 km from Mirpur city.

Ill-fated Mushtaq, who was grievously injured in major tremor on September 24, succumbed to his serious injuries in local DHQ hospital on Friday.

According to initially-compiled official figures of the loss of men and material, compiled by the local authorities a total of 35 people were killed and 665 injured, including 495 minor and 170 seriously injured persons only in Mirpur district.

Similarly a total of 6,919 concrete houses were damaged. These included 419 fully and 6,500 damaged partially. Besides, 1,700 kacha houses including 1,200 fully and 500 partially damaged.

The 580 of cattle heads were perished besides damaging of about 200 of the vehicles in the initial major shocks of the earthquake.

It may be added that the local district administration, Mirpur Development Authority and other related functionaries have started drive to collect the data of the loss of private and public property across the earthquake-hit Mirpur city and its adjoining badly-affected areas besides rest of the affected parts of the district.

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The assessing teams have starting visiting door to door to register the details of the affected private and public sector buildings for onward delivery of compensation as per the decision and policy of the government.

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