Ahmed Bin Qasim Describes The Heart Breaking Story Of His Mother

Ahmed Bin Qasim Son of Asiya Andrabi has stated that my mother calls me from prison yesterday.

According to details, Ahmed Bin Qasim took to twitter and describes the heart breaking story of his mother, who is currently in prison. “My mother calls me from prison any time, once a month. Yesterday, as I was reading a book and my phone was on silent, upside down. I picked my phone and immediately, my heart sank. I saw her missed call. She’d called after months. I felt an unbearable regret,”

While continuing heart breaking story, he stated “I pictured her waiting for me to answer. I called her back but it didn’t connect. I kept on trying anyway. Living with this guilt for a month would kill me. But Allah didn’t make me. She called. I can’t wait for Kashmir to be free and this helplessness to end.”

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