Alarm bell rings for CM Punab Buzdar.

Alarm bell is ringing for the Chief Minister Punjab, Usman Buzdar as he may be replaced owing to his bad performance, Baaghitv has learnt.

According to sources of Baghitv, Chief Minister Punjab, Usman Buzdar came under threat of the change (tabdeeli) , likely to take place in coming weeks. Following the circulation of reports, of shuffle of different portfolios in Punjab cabinet, likely to take place in coming weeks, several ministers have geared up efforts to save their portfolios.

Baaghitv has learnt through sources, several ministers have started lobbying for saving their portfolios and are contacting powers that be in this regard. The news of upcoming change of portfolios have ring alarm bell for ministers and the Chief Minister also came in this layer of change likely to take place.

Several ministers have complained about the performance of Usman Buzdar as a Chief Minister of the province. In the private circles, several ministers are saying they can not work under the leadership of the incumbent Chief Minister. Ministers are complaining about the problems, they are being faced in the deliverance in their respective ministries.

Baaghitv has learnt plethora of corruption charges are leveled against Samiullah Chaudhry, Provincial Minister of Punjab for Food. He has been reported to be the alleged front-man of Chief Minster Usman Buzdar, taking bribe on his behalf and giving illegal orders on his behalf. Chief Minister Usman Buzdar silence on these complaints have raised eyebrows and in different circles, people are questioning his silence on these charges. The silence depicts  either he is complicit in these alleged corruption or he is incompetent to take action on these charges.

An array of complaints were registered at the Chief Minister office pertaining to illegal occupation of land in Gujranwala division but the Chief Minister has not taken any action even to a single complaint registered at the CM’s office. This speaks volume about the state of bad governance in Punjab and a question mark is raised on the performance of Usman Buzdar as a Chief Minister of the Punjab.

Questions are raised about the competence of CM Punjab Usman Buzdar. He is unable to take notice of the state of governance in central Punjab and bad performance of the bureaucrats in central Punjab. This has irked many PTI leaders, hailing from Central Punjab.

The ruling PTI also failed to make gains in the central Punjab in the General Elections 2018 and the leaders are worries about the sorry state of affairs in this region so far, since PTI has formed a government in Punjab.

If PTI is win general elections, to be held in 2023 and secured victory in the next elections, it is high time they have to deliver in central Punjab. They [PTI] need to assure good governance in the central Punjab to make headway for the progress of province.

The infrastructure in Punjab is dilapidated especially the roads are in dilapidated condition, the conditions of hospitals are worsened under the leadership of CM Usman Buzdar. The sorry state of affairs in education sector is also eye opening for the PTI leadership. The bad performance in these sectors is a major blow to the CM Usman Buzdar, who has failed to ameliorate the governance in these sectors as it was promised by PTI during the election campaign.

Baaghitv has learnt through credible sources, PM Imran Khan has also been informed of this sorry state of affairs in Punjab. A plethora of complaints have also been registered at the Prime Minister office and ir is expected that action will be taken on this ion the upcoming weeks.

The alarm bell is ringing for CM Punjab, Usman Buzdar due to his failure to deliver on these major areas and it is to see whether the PTI will give him some more time to deliver or he will be replaced by a new Chief Minister.

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