ALCHEMATIVE acquires EPINOVUS to reimagine and expand its e-commerce journey, to further build upon its revered legacy

Alchemative, Pakistan’s leading technology, and digital business solution company, held a media event on 1st June 2022 to announce and commemorate the acquisition of Epinovus, a B2B e-commerce solution company. The event was attended by Mr. Umar Rana, CEO of Alchemative who announced the acquisition with Mr. Kashif Iqbal, CEO of Epinovus.

After the acquisition announcement, the leadership of the newly acquired and rebranded company “Epinovus by Alchemative” addressed the ceremony to reaffirm their vision while highlighting the future roadmap and expansion plans to the audience. During the event, the new logo of the company was also revealed that took inspiration from Alchemative’s logo to highlight Alchemative’s mindset of innovation, amalgamating it with the excellence of Epinovus, resulting in a modern and minimalist look.

The Board of Directors of the company comprises the team that has been leading the e-commerce and digital business at Alchemative that including Mr. Ahtasham Bhatti (Director of Application Development), Ms. Wajeeha Ijaz (Director of Customer Experience), and Ms. Rabail Saeed (Director Growth & Partnerships) while Mr. Kashif Iqbal and Ms. Sadaf Iqbal, who were the co-founders of Epinovus, will be assuming the roles of (CEO Epinovus by Alchemative) and (COO & Director Projects) respectively. The leadership also emphasized that they are looking to expand the membership of the board through internal promotions as well as external partnerships.

While addressing the gathering, Mr. Umar Rana congratulated the newly formed company and shared his wisdom to help them continue the legacy built by Alchemative over the years, especially in the e-commerce sector of Pakistan. Mr. Umar also explained the need to acquire and form a new entity saying

“Epinovus by Alchemative’s purpose is to solely focus on the expansion of digital commerce with a customer-centric vision to not only continue the excellent work Alchemative has been doing but to build upon the values and culture that was instilled within the industry by the company.”

Answering a question regarding Alchemative’s direction, Mr. Umar said “Alchemative’s true north has always been solving business problems using technology. It will continue to act as a technology incubator and an idea lab to launch innovative products that empower businesses, people, and communities through technology. As these products/solutions go past MVP stage, they will be either added to the portfolio of current subsidiaries or spawn into new entities” while quoting an example of successes like Ginkgo Retail and Adex360.

In the coming time, Alchemative as well as “Epinovus by Alchemative” plan to run a comprehensive and cohesive campaign to highlight this new venture in order to enlighten the market with the value-added services the company will now be expanding on.

About Alchemative

Pakistan’s leading technology and digital business solution company, Alchemative has led the e-commerce revolution in the country, accelerating the digital transformation of major organizations through innovative Payment and Shipping Integrations on the Shopify Platform. Since its inception in 2014, the company has amassed more than 300 clients spread across 8 countries. It currently holds over 80% market share in the High Street Fashion E-commerce Industry of Pakistan with 3 million orders processed every month on its platform.

The company was the first and only Shopify Plus Partner in Pakistan and has built over 60 apps on the platform. Apart from leading the e-commerce sector, Alchemative has also launched several highly successful ventures that include Adex360 – a performance marketing agency, Ginkgo Retail – an omnichannel retail solution, GrowEx – a digital marketing agency for startups, Comverse – a multi-vendor e-commerce marketplace engine, Shopolace – an application for social commerce and Patronage – a financial, HR and legal services company.