Aleena Shopping Centre Community Deserves Compensation: Mian Haroon Masood

Aleena Shopping Centre Incident Shakes up Business Community

The raging inferno of one Aleena shopping centre in Gujrat has sent ripples through the business community. The ill fated center and it’s tenants are now at the mercy of humble circumstances.

It is reliably learnt that on 15th of October this sad incident took place through electrical short circuiting. The building caught fire and it gutted the whole building in no time.

It started in the wee hours of the day and gradually turned into a blazing ball of fire which engulfed the whole Center causing many marooned leaving one girl choked to death.

The rescue authorities responded as they are expected to. The deputy commissioner was on the site seen delivering instructions to the fire fighters. Many eyebrows have been raised after this gory drama of extinguishing fire till late at night.

We will all have to see and assess the kind of preparedness we are ready and equipped for. Every district must have its own crisis management authority to render services to combat such a troubling event.

Ours is a case in point. The ruling elite must probe and take cignizance of such lacunae if there are by any chance. Re-equip the disaster management authority. I, in my own humble capacity, would suggest that instead of other schemes of engineering nature, funds may be diverted and allocated. Ensuring smooth and speedy services in future.

Another important matter is to ask the responsible authorities to go out and report missing facilities and provisions that are to be employed by any random owner thereof. It must be done on a war footing. Remember the plaza had no fire exit causing pandemonium and hysteria amongst its users.

We must prioritize. This has to be no one major priority so that no panic is created in the event of such a happening.

The fire extinguishers be installed as one of the prerequisites to be complied with. All places be insured to avoid the magnitude of varying proportions.

Moreover, some means be made ready to compensate the victims. The community is sad and wants the loss to be compensated.

From Mian Haroon Masood, former Tehsil Nazim.


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