Alhamra to always raise voice for right of Kashmir



Lahore: On the occasion of Right to Self-Determination Day, Alhamra said in its official press release that LAC would always raise its voice for the rights of Kashmiri people to show the solidarity with people of Kashmir.
The LAC is always standing with the Kashmiri people, fighting day and night for their freedom. Their fight for independence is now over six decades-long, and they are suffering a lot by all means since India captured the Kashmir valley unethically. Under the supervision of its Executive Director, the Lahore Arts Council arranged different programs to express unity with Kashmiri’s throughout the year.
On occasion, Executive Director Alhamra Ijaz Ahmed Minhas said that, Undoubtedly Indian army attacked Kashmiris badly and brutely, their forces harassing innocent Kashmiris with bullets. Minhas further said that to show solidarity with the people of Kashmir, LAC would highlight the Kashmir issue till their independence. According to the UN Charter of Human Rights, “Freedom is the basic right of any individual or nation.” Any brutal country can’t grab this pleasure of freedom. On the right to Self-Determination Day entire nation of Pakistan salute to Kashmiri people for their battle against Indian armed forces, he added.