Ali Azmat embarks on a bike trip across Europe

After an audacious trip to China, the Pakistani Rock Star Ali Azmat has headed towards a bike trip to Europe. The artist on a YouTube video later this year revealed that this year this going to be different and there will be something new his fans will be seeing.

Ali Azmat is a Pakistani singer, songwriter, musician and actor. He is best known as the lead singer of the Sufi Rock band Junoon and his love for bikes is not hidden from anyone.


Ali Azmat journeyed from Lahore to Karachi while, the leading singer of Junoon band, journeyed to China along with his biker friends back in 2016.

Source: Destination Pk

“Every year I do some crazy stuff and this year it’s going to be a European trip on a motorcycle, starting from London, England to first off, France (by train some journey – the Euro tunnel) and we will stop at a place called Nancy, France. From Nancy, we will enter Swiss Alps,” said Ali in a video posted on his social media account.

Ali just doesn’t plans to stop at Alps, he plans to continue his journey to France, Germany, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Czech Republic and many other countries. He plans to travel 12,000 km in 22 days for which he will be traveling 400 km a day and it will go as far up as 900 km. Which means that the rock star will have to travel for 12 hours constantly at the fastest possible speed.

Time for yet another adventure. 12,000kms on a bike through Europe amongst some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. This trip has been a lifelong dream that is InshAllah about to be materialize. Will try to post regular updates when I can so you all can join me on this journey too. Wish me luck that I can achieve this feat safely and keep me in your prayers. Love AA #AliAzmat #EuroTrip #BikeJourney #AdventureTravel #SwissAlps #Nordic #FromPakistanToTheWorld #Musafir #ChaseYourDreams

Posted by Ali Azmat on Tuesday, July 16, 2019


“It is a dream of mine to travel through Europe in good weather, which is right about now. We hope to get good weather except the Norway’s North Star, which will be close to minus three [temperature] and we’re hoping this goes without incident and we rented two beautiful bikes from London.”

The singer describes his enthusiasm for bike riding in the following words: “I do this for myself mostly but also for my fans – to live the experience and maybe some of you dream about doing similar things and I guess this is what life’s about: [getting] inspired by others and inspiring others and living your life to the fullest. Who knows what tomorrow has in store for me.”

While talking exclusively to Baaghi TV in Norway, the Saiyyon Ni singer told about his adventures and upcoming plans. He, along with his friends, is literally going to the end of the earth, the North Star.

Baaghi TV wishes him the best of luck and hope he achieve his endeavors. Wishing him a safe journey.

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