Ali Gul Pir asks people to “respect restaurant workers”

Karachi: Ali Gul Pir, a well-known Pakistani comedian, and musician took to Twitter on Thursday to urge people to respect restaurant employees and be vaccinated before eating out.

According to the details, Ali Gul Pir’s tweet was in response to a viral video that showed a woman, dubbed “desi Karen” on social media, arguing and misbehaving with restaurant workers after they demanded she displays a coronavirus vaccine certificate.

It should be noted that the Pakistani government has made it mandatory for people to present a vaccination certificate to dine in at eateries.

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When desi Karen learns a new word VIOLATION and decides to defy law and go dine in without showing a vaccination card,” the comedian wrote in a humorous imitation of the actual film.

BUT SERIOUSLY GUYS treat restaurant staff with respect and go dine in but get vaccinated first, it’s the law,” Ali Gul Pir added.

‘Desi Karen’ has a temper tantrum and refuses to provide her vaccination card at the restaurant.

After refusing to wear a mask or provide her vaccination card, a customer and employees at a restaurant in the metropolis got into an argument.

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The customer, who claimed to be a human rights activist, accused the restaurant employees of “violating her fundamental right” after they requested her to display her vaccination certificate in a video that was posted on social media. She could be heard shouting at one of the employees for “trying to breach her medical privacy” by asking for a vaccination certificate in the viral video.

The woman was also seen filming the restaurant workers with her phone while speaking, and she referred to one of the employees as an “idiot” for wearing a mask.

As seen in the video, the restaurant staff repeatedly assured the customer that they were requesting the vaccination certificate by the government’s mandated coronavirus Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). However, as the frustrated customer walked out of the restaurant, it fell on deaf ears.

Murtaza Wahab praises restaurant employees for “doing the right thing”

Following the incident, Murtaza Wahab, a Karachi administrator, rushed to Twitter to thank Asad, a restaurant employee, for “doing the right thing & standing up against such rude behaviour.”

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Senator Wahab wrote, “I was a fan of ur sandwiches now also a fan of ur calm assertiveness.”


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