All Pakistan Anjuman-e-Tajiran announces to hold demos at Imran Khan’s Zaman Park house


Lahore: All Pakistan Anjuman-e-Tajiran Central General Secretary Naeem Mir has said if Imran Khan does not step back from his endeavours to destabalise Pakistan the traders will be forced to hold protest demonstrations infront Imran Khan’ house at Zaman Park.

He expressed theses view while talking to reporters at the Lahore Press Club at a press conference on Thursday.

Prince Saleem, Sohail Mahmood Butt, Mian Khalil Abeer, Rizwan Butt
Omar Javed Butt, Imran Saeed Mughal, Ashfaq Butt, Riaz Mughal, Malik Usman, Mian Riaz, Muhammad Jaffer and others also participated.


Imrani gang is leading the state towards instability, Naeem Mir said adding that Imran has played havoc with economy and now the state is bent on destruction

” After Imran Khan was ousted from power, he has gone made. Imran Khan himself is disgusted with religion but is using religion card.The campaign is being carried out under a well-conceived conspiracy against the institutions. The army is not subject to Imran Khan’s wishes. Institutions operate in the interests of the state and the constitution.
Traders will thwart Imran Khan’s ill-fated efforts,” Mir stated.

Institutions should ensure the transfer of power in Punjab in accordance with the constitution and law, Naeem Mir added.

Stop joking with 12 crore people of Punjab.Traders were already fed up with Imran Khan’s economic animosity.
Now Imran Khan wants to drown the rest of the economy. If the Imrani mob does not come to the right path, they will protest in front of his house in Zaman Park.

Merchants from all over the country will gather at Zaman Park. Naeem Mir

“We will not allow Imran Khan’s bullying and coercion to continue. The Imrani gang is self-privileged from the US and the West. They speak out against the United States. Nationwide traders will campaign against Imrani’s statement. Naeem Mir
The language of those who slander against the institutions will be drawn, ” he spoke.

” We will socially boycott those who gossip about the army.The army is playing a constitutional role, not to be dragged into politics. The country cannot achieve economic stability without political stability. Imrani gang is a traitor.
For the stability of the state, after Eid, we will be tougher against the Imrani gang”, he concluded.