Amazing discovery: World’s largest bacteria unearthed by scientists

Scientists have discovered the largest sized bacteria in history which can be seen from the naked human eye and without the help of a microscope. 

The strange bacteria is about 1 cm in length, 50 times the length of the largest bacteria previously discovered, like a white long thread. The bacteria was found on the surface of the decaying mangrove leaves on the sea bed, a foreign news agency reported.

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“It’s as if we stand in front of a man whose height is equal to that of the Mount Everest,” said Jean Marie Voland, a scientist at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. The bacteria was discovered by Olivier Gross, a professor of marine biology, while exploring the bacteria of harmony in the mangrove ecosystem.

“I was surprised when I saw it, I did microscopic experiments with it to know it was the same cell,” Gross said.

Scientists, on the other hand, also have developed a fish-like robot that can quickly collect microplastics by swimming in water. This small robot moves in water with the help its body and tail, and it can be used to help reduce plastic pollution from the oceans. Furthermore, it is half an inch long, which means it can collect plastic from small cracks and places that are not accessible.