Amazon Rain-forest: A Physical Representation of Existing Global Issues

"It's not just the land which is burning the people who inhabit land are also in the line of fire": Mian Haroon Masood

The Amazon is the largest rain-forest in the world. It is in fact the largest carbon store which slows down the process of global warming.

The incessant fires and the Amazonian blazes is a matter of great concern not just for those who live in close proximity but all who live on the planet Earth.

Bolsanaro the President is not fazed by such a happening. His initial response was vague and rife with suspicion. He went on explaining matters with such amazing audacity causing only hysteria across the globe. We have seen protests outside different Brazilian embassies.

The international response has been a tough one. Macron is ready to severe trade ties with Brazil if situation is not reversed effectively. Balsanaro is wary of the punitive trade sanctions that may come into play at any given time.

The leaders and the President of the U.N. General assembly have taken a serious note of this alarming situation. Guaterres says that in the midst of an acute climatic conditions this would only add to our existing problems.

Mian Haroon Masood Pakistani Political Leader

Many think this is yet another international crisis of a greater magnitude. Amazon is clearly perceived to be the lungs of the world. It absorbs millions of tons of carbon dioxide and in turn releases so much of oxygen. Environmentally the forest contributes to a whopping 20 percent to its overall estimated eco-effects.

Amazon is rich in biodiversity, we have 3 million trees a large variety of animal species, and humans that benefit out of this marvel of nature. It is believed to be the seventh wonder on the planet earth.

This is an emergency which certainly requires an active response. Air tankers filled with water could douse this spreading conflagration. The nearby countries could play a vital role in rescuing the forest and it’s community. Balsanaro says it is time for almeida, an act carried out by the farmers when they clear out the land.

The response has to be quick.

The effect of the smoke has visibly darkened the clear skies in Europe and above the Atlantic.
All this has compounded our existing predicament to a greater degree. This may only exacerbate, and not stop anytime soon.

I see it differently. In this vicious world of greed and avarice the appetite to have more is gallatanously garguantum. That is why we see state land and the common heritage being plundered and pillaged every where. Kashmir which was once the queen of the subcontinent is now war ravaged. The beautiful valley is under siege. Locked down, torn by violence. The dehumanizing act is at its best.

Mian Haroon Masood Pakistani Political Leader

The conquest of other people’s land is not an attempt to settle people along decent settlements it is another push for command and control to the utter dissatisfaction of the poor and marginalized classes. The barbarous acts are not doing any good to our fellow brothers living in different parts of the world. A man made crisis so to speak.

Be it the government’s, the land, the seas the forests, we are ourselves responsible for this unnatural death of our resources.

The reef barrier is under a constant threat for the majority of corals are dead because of bleaching through global warming. None other than humans are responsible for this kind of environmental degradation. The arctic snow is melting at an accelerated pace. Surprisingly in one litre of arctic snow the researchers found ten thousand particles of plastic. Generally humans are being discovered with plastic particles. The good thing is that they are secreted out and are not absorbed by the body.

The presence of these plastic particles over arctic are believed to have traveled this far by the current responsible to carry them this far through Europe and Asia.

This alone accounts for 20 percent of the marine life.

They suffer brutal savagery and repression yet no messiah comes to their rescue.

Every thing boils down to burning. We see in general and realize it's not just the land which is burning the people who inhabit land are also in the line of fire.

Mian Haroon Masood Pakistani Political Leader

Kashmir is burning.


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